We Keep HVAC Systems Running Efficiently Year-Round

Schedule HVAC maintenance services in Kanab and Hurricane, UT

Your home or business HVAC system needs to be checked to ensure it's working efficiently. Who wants their furnace to quit in the middle of January, or their A/C to blow out hot air in July? To ensure your comfort, Barnett Heating & Cooling LLC offers the money-saving HVAC service you need for year-round comfort and lower energy bills.

Our 21-point maintenance program detects potential problems before they become expensive issues. Before a new season arrives, contact us to schedule your HVAC maintenance in the Kanab, St. George, or Hurricane, Utah area.

Stay cozy in every season with by signing up for HVAC maintenance

Stay cozy in every season with by signing up for HVAC maintenance

At Barnett Heating & Cooling, we frequently get called to homes and businesses where the heating and A/C systems haven't properly been maintained. Oftentimes, their old unit needs to be replaced. Don't let that happen to you. Enroll in our 21-step HVAC maintenance program, which covers:


  • Diagnostics on all components
  • Smoke and CO2 detector checks
  • Mechanical part cleaning
  • Free service reminders







Monthly payment plans are available for our HVAC maintenance service. All work completed during the 21-point program is warrantied, so you can rest easy that your system is taken care of. We'll dispatch an HVAC contractor to your home twice a year to make sure everything is working smoothly.

When you sign up for our plan, you'll never be charged for emergency overtime work. And, you'll receive free service reminders. Call now to learn more about the benefits of signing up for regular preventive HVAC service.